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Google Analytics 4 Migration Steps

Since the Universal Analytics sunset was announced in 2022 a lot of businesses have been looking to me as a trusted Google Analytics Consultant to help them manage the migration. I’ve completed more than 30 GA4 implementations this year for clients ranging from startups on Shopify to Enterprise clients looking to track multiple websites and apps. Regardless of the scale of the project I’ve found these common stages will prevent you from making costly mistakes and backing yourself into a data corner down the line.

If you are still needing to complete your GA4 migration then please ensure whoever is carrying out the work for you is following a similar plan to this. Gone are the days when you can just ask your developers to implement the tag and hope for the best.

GA4 Implementation Plan

  1. Detailed run through of the website / app with the client team
  2. Establish measurement goals
  3. Event mapping exercise
  4. Technical specification (Website / App) & handover to developers
  5. UAT development change requests (dataLayer/front end GA dependencies)
  6. Google Analytics property configuration
  7. Data collection
  8. [Optional] Training

If you need more information or a more detailed overview of how to correctly implement Google Analytics 4 please see this guide.

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