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As an ecommerce consultant I make no secret of the fact that I rate Magento/Adobe Commerce as the best ecommerce platform for SEO, and if you’ve invested in the platform organic traffic could become a key part of your strategy but you need an experienced Magento SEO consultant to really make the most of it. Before you hire an SEO agency for your Magento store read this.

SEO for ecommerce needs a specialist ecommerce consultant, and as someone who has been hands on with ecommerce technology for more than two and a half decades, and with more than 10 years Magento experience I am pretty sure I fit the bill.

If you’ve ever hired an agency or consultant to help you with organic visibility on your ecommerce store you might have found the results didn’t quite live up to expectations. There could be a number of reasons but one I see time and again is the SEO’s in question are just too generic in their skillsets.

If your developers are telling you that most of the change requests coming from your SEO agency simply aren’t possible, or the SEO “strategy” delivered by your consultant requires you to write endless blogs yet your traffic still isn’t increasing then read on.

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Establish a Magento SEO Strategy

Before you begin optimising your Magento ecommerce store for maximum visibility in search engines you need to ensure you have the right strategy. So what is it that makes ecommerce so different to optimising a b2b or content site?

First and foremost it’s the fact that an ecommerce catalogue is, almost by definition, a set of large scale dynamic content that needs to follow certain rules in order to be navigable within the platform itself. You aren’t thinking about optimising individual content (or content clusters) to begin with, you need to think about how the platform derived taxonomy will present itself to the search engines.

Can the crawlers access what you need them to, do they understand what it’s about, is this happening at scale without you having to create exceptions for every opportunity your SEOs tell you they want to exploit?

Get the structure right and that’s half the battle.

All too often I see ecommerce merchants waste time and effort on blogging before they have these basics in place. And the blogs they are being directed to write are often unstructured and of low value, aka “busy work” the incumbent generic SEO provider is using to justify their monthly fee.

With Coleman Marketing looking after your Magento SEO you’ll only be putting resource to writing blogs when it is strategically important. Before we even get to that we’ll need to ask the following questions:

  • Do we understand your product strategy and where you fit in the market
  • Do you even have the “right” to obtain organic visibility that will really make a commercial difference to your business?
  • Does your website structure and especially your catalogue taxonomy make sense to a consumer while also being absolutely clear to search engine crawlers what your site is about?
  • Does your product data ensure that this structure will be maintained as a by-product of your merchandising processes?
  • Are your Product List Pages (PLPs) fully optimised as landing pages?
  • Are base Magento features configured in a way that is optimal for SEO?
  • Have you installed and configured our recommended extensions for accelerated organic visibility?
  • Have we completed a Magento specific technical audit and worked with your development agency to implement all changes?
  • Is your navigation and internal linking helping or hindering search engines?
  • …plus 100s of other considerations informed by more than a decade of optimising Magento websites

Why Choose Coleman Marketing as your Magento SEO Consultant?

As someone who has been working on Magento and Adobe Commerce websites for well over 10 years I understand how the platform could, and should be optimised, which generates faster and more reliable results than those agencies with a one size fits all process.

The pitch from other SEO consultants is often that “Magento isn’t great at SEO but I can show you how to make the best of it”. My pitch is different, I believe that Magento is the best ecommerce platform for search engine optimisation and I can show you how to out rank those competitors who opted for Shopify or Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware). But how can I be so sure?

As someone who has held Shopify Partner status, Demandware Architect, and Magento certifications it’s safe to say I know all the tricks when it comes to ecommerce SEO on these platforms. I can make them all perform exceptionally well on organic search listings, but time and again I find that all other things being equal Magento is the platform that should gain and maintain the highest visibility.

That’s the reason multiple UK ecommerce development agencies choose me as their preferred SEO consultant, but I’m always happy to work directly with merchants too. Your developers will thank me when they no longer have to trawl through a 70 page SEMRush automated audit report just to find the bits that are relevant to your platform.

Proven, targetted, relevant advice tailored to your current Magento or Adobe Commerce store is what I’m offering. Trust me when I say that Magento/Adobe Commerce is better than almost every other ecommerce platform when it comes to SEO, you just need to take advantage of it.

So if you think it might be time to talk to an SEO Consultant for your Magento store why not contact me over on LinkedIn or complete my contact form and let’s chat

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