Digital Marketing Consultancy for Ecommerce

Do you need an holistic view of your ecommerce marketing strategy? A conversation with me could be one of the most valuable things you can do for your ecommerce business this month. Why?

  • I built my first ecommerce website in 1998 and have been working with brands large and small ever since
  • I’m data obsessed, check out my Google Analytics consultancy services
  • I’m channel agnostic, I’ll help you define the true marketing mix you need
  • Your dev agency will love me, in fact some of them hire me to ensure their clients have a competitive advantage in SEO from the outset
  • Your marketing team will love me – I exist to make them look like rock stars
  • Your CFO will love me too, I deliver exponentially more value to your business than my fee!

How do I differ from other ecommerce marketing consultants?

Firstly I got my start in ecommerce when most of my industry colleagues were still in school and I’ve been obsessing over the details of what makes a successful ecommerce business ever since. I’ve never stopped learning and you will benefit from more than 25 years of ecommerce experience.

Secondly I’m truly channel agnostic. I previously ran the digital marketing teams in an agency and I understand the pros and cons of PPC vs organic vs social platforms vs video and all other ways to get your product and brand in front of your audience. Whilst I do offer specialist ecommerce SEO consultancy services I won’t recommend SEO unless it is absolutely the right thing to do.

Third I’m able to operate at every level of your business, from making a bullet-proof case for new investment to the C-Suite to mentoring entry level digital marketing and ecommerce staff. I understand how to communicate requirements in ways that dev teams appreciate, and of course work well with your third party marketing agencies.

I’ve also got an incredibly strong network of agencies who I trust to deliver the goods every single time. Do you have doubts whether your Shopify, Magento, or SFCC agency are the right one for you? I can give you an honest assessment of why you might feel this way and help you to find a better fit, or even change your working practices to strengthen the existing relationship.

Are Your Digital Marketing Costs Spiralling?

When was the last time you looked at your true Cost Per Acquisition? How much are you spending in management fees to agencies and consultants? When was the last time you benchmarked this against other ecommerce businesses?

Even if your costs are under control are you getting the performance you are paying for? Are there opportunities you are missing from a bunch of fragmented agency relationships? If the latter is true you might be interested in the talk I gave at Meet Magento a few years ago about how I helped a Premiership Rugby team exceed their targets for 11 months in a row…and those were targets I told them they needed to revise up in the first place!

How do I know if Coleman Marketing is for me

You don’t, but guess what, it will cost you nothing to find out. Fill in my contact form or message me on LinkedIn and let’s talk about what you need. 2 things are guaranteed:

  1. An honest assessment as to whether I think I can help
  2. A lower fee structure than you might expect

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and raise your ecommerce game today!

Still need convincing? Check out the list of who I’ve worked with – you’ll recognise some of these brands I’m sure 🙂

Coleman Marketing Services

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Ecommerce Consultancy

  • Project Specification, Discovery & Requirements
  • Technical Architecture
  • Martech Integrations
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Platform and Supplier Selection
  • Agency Relationship Management

Ecommerce Platform Expertise

I've worked with most major platforms including