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Why do you need a specialist Shopify SEO consultant? As a platform Shopify has a reputation for being as “self service” as a complex tool can be, with many features that you’d historically have to pay a developer for being added through apps. Surely SEO on Shopify is the same?

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Well, yes and no, you see unlike a fully customisable platform like Magento when it comes to technical SEO you have fewer levers to pull. This means one of 2 things will often happen

  1. You’ll hire a generic SEO agency with no platform expertise who will burn time (and management fees) recommending changes that simply can’t be made on the platform for example collection url changes or checkout modifications
  2. You’ll hire an SEO agency who is aware of the limitations of Shopify and will very quickly fall back on “blogging” and “link building” which often just shifts the problem onto you, the retailer

Wouldn’t it be nice is there was a third way? Well luckily for you with Coleman Marketing’s Shopify SEO service there is. So how do I differ from other Shopify SEO consultants?

  1. Coleman Marketing is a Shopify partner with hands on dev experience. I know the platform inside out and can take advantage of it’s strengths while working around it’s weaknesses
  2. I’ve been in the ecommerce industry since the late 90s and have built and traded successful ecommerce websites so I understand how and why people buy online
  3. As a fairly well known ecommerce data guy I can get deep into the numbers and find the opportunities that others may miss

So, if you are looking for a Shopify SEO consultant ask yourself the following questions

  1. Am I speaking to someone with real proven ecommerce experience?
  2. Is my SEO consultant a Shopify partner?
  3. Has my SEO consultant even asked about my product, market positioning, and translated that to an SEO strategy?
  4. Have they even talked to me about product data, feeds and merchant center?
  5. Do other Shopify partners & dev agencies use them for their client’s Shopfy SEO?

If your answer to one or more of the above is “No” then I’d love to hear from you. I never charge for an initial consultation and you can contact me here or get in touch over on LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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